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Wellness Warrior RESET 2.0

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* This purchase is non-refundable. You will receive 1 KIT and SPRAY in approximately 10-14 business days unless you select the Priority Processing option.  By clicking on the above order button you are confirming you understand and agree to the terms of purchase. You also agree and realize that this is a monthly subscription to the SPRAY until canceled with our customer service team.  Cancellations on future auto-ships must be received 7 days prior to next billing cycle.

Wellness Warrior Reset 2.0 New Formula in a convenient spray bottle and UPDATED program!

The spray can be taken indefinitely (it's a monthly subscription) to keep the weight OFF!
New Revised Manual
Better Pricing
New Reset Phases 
Phase One (one month)
Phase Two (two months)
Phase Three (three months)

Standard Pricing
$497 for your first kit and includes a 30-day supply of Reset Spray
$197 for monthly renewal of spray formula

Metabolic Phase 1: 1 Round (1 month) avg. 10 lbs - great for someone who just wants to try the program
Load 2 Days and lose for 28 days - go maintenance IF you hit the goal and stay on monthly Reset Spray
Metabolic Phase 2: 2 Rounds (2 months) avg. 20-30 lbs - Most popular and provides a full metabolic reset
Load 2 days and lose for 28 days - Stabilize for 7 days - Load for 2 days and lose for 28 days (stabilize for 7 days then go maintenance if another round isn’t needed). Stay on monthly Reset Spray
Metabolic Phase 3: 3 rounds (3 months) avg. 30-50+ lbs - Cases needing a lot of weight loss or more extreme health conditions. A total body transformation
Load 2 days lose for 28 days - stabilize for 7 days - load for 2 days and lose for 28 days - stabilize for 7 days - load for 2 days and lose for 28 days. Go maintenance and stay on monthly Reset Spray

If you have already done at least one round of the program you can order the Reset Spray only with a new Manual for $197 to do another round/cycle OR to go into maintenance.

Metabolic RESET
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